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Elements Dine Around


“The sun is new each day”. Heraclitus


SUN, as a source of energy and almost everybody’s ultimate feel-good factor.

Moderate sun exposure is needed to develop the VITAMIN D in your body to benefit your health; stronger bones, better sleep, improved mood, and a healthier immune system.

Relax on one of the beachfront gazebos in front of your suite with your favorite book or musical playlist.

Re-hydrate with a delicious fruit smoothie with all the delicious nutrients at the RELAX ZONE pool bar.

QUOTE: “Vitamin D composed in your body depends in large part on the solar radiation you receive. It is a fact that the highest chances to gather solar rays are during the afternoon hours. Stay safe under the sun with a hat, sufficient SPF sun lotion… and of course stay hydrated by drinking sufficient water”. By Mari-Sofi, Dietitian